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ASL Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Communication!

  • ASL Gift Certificates allow the recipient to attend one free 8-week American Sign Language Class of their choice at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center.

  • Valid for 1 year following date of purchase.

  • Pre-registration required.

  • Each gift certificate costs $100.00.

  • Classes are available for individuals ages 18 years and older, and are held at the Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. Each ASL class meets for two hours, once a week, for eight weeks.

  • Gift Certificates may be redeemed for ASL I, II or III.

    ASL I - In ASL I you are introduced to the world, culture and language of American Sign Language. You will learn to fingerspell the alphabet, sign numbers, sign simple courtesy phrases and gain an understanding of the structure of the language. You will learn new vocabulary each week and learn to incorporate it into sentences.

    ASL II - Our level II Sign Language Class provides an opportunity for you to improve your communication abilities with people who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. You will learn even more vocabulary, building on the vocabulary from ASL I, and learn more complex sentence structures.

    ASL III - Our level III Sign Language Class allows you to improve your communication abilities with people who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing further. You will learn more about grammatical structure; increase your knowledge of sign vocabulary, learn to identify and use classifiers, and much more.

    To purchase an ASL gift certificate, contact the ASL Coordinator at or 614.261.5792.