Corporate Speech Services

Corporate Speech Training enables people and corporations to achieve professional and personal success through enhanced communication skills. Employees are shown how to develop more effective communication skills that benefit customer relations, the work environment and revenue.

Corporate Speech Services include the following:

Accent Modification

Accent modification is designed to teach accented speakers to improve pronunciation of Standard American English and increase clarity of communication and listener understanding. Speakers learn to present themselves more successfully in person and on the telephone. Training may include preparation for presentations or enhancing grammar and writing skills.

Professional Voice and Speech

Voice and speech skills are often key to whether we are perceived as confident and credible by our listeners. Corporate Speech Services works with the professional to develop an effective communication style for delivery of professional presentations as well as personal messages.

Communication Problems

Employees learn techniques to deal effectively with such communication issues as stuttering, articulation errors and mispronunciation, habitual hoarseness, monotone voice, and other speech challenges.

Communication for Service Professionals

Voice, speech and listening skills are the primary tools for anyone who serves external and internal customers. Telemarketers, business managers or customer service representatives learn how to use these communication tools effectively to deliver quality service.

Speech Pathologists can also visit your organization and provide speech and hearing screenings for your employees’ children, educational seminars and trainings.

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