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Give the Gift of Hearing, Get the Gift of a Rechargeable Upgrade

We specialize in patient education and assist patients in making informed decisions. We are committed to total patient satisfaction. Our audiologists take time with patients to understand their hearing profile, lifestyle and needs. The treatment process includes thorough audiological testing and counseling.

If you are a hearing aid candidate, our audiologists will do a custom fitting, expert programming, individual counseling and education, and offer continual monitoring and technological support to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing aids.

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Help us share the wonders of hearing this May, and we’ll make sure we pay it forward to you, as well.

Today’s hearing aids are more advanced than they were as short as a year ago, with features that allow you to connect with your world, including:

Rechargeable Technology

Hands-Free Connectivity

Tinnitus Management Features

Better Speech Understanding with Less Effort

The goal is to inspire people to perform acts of kindness that will create a ripple of good everywhere.

Pay It Forward Day is a celebration of kindness that takes place every April 28.

*This offer is only valid with a trade-in of old devices. Offer depends on the level of hearing technology. Appointments are limited.

Step 1: You pay it forward by donating your used hearing aids.

Step 2: Columbus Speech & Hearing pays it forward to you with a FREE RECHARGEABLE UPGRADE with the purchase of a new set of hearing aids.* 

The Process Is Simple

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