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Cochlear Implants

A Cochlear Implant is a small, complex electronic device that can help provide a sense of sound to children and adults who cannot hear and/or understand speech with hearing aids. While hearing aids make sound louder and clearer, Cochlear Implants provide useful sound by directly stimulating undamaged nerve fibers in the inner ear.

Children and adults can receive Cochlear Implants. Children born with profound hearing loss or who are born deaf and adults who have lost most of their hearing later in life may benefit from Cochlear Implants. Success rates vary based on each individual''s language skills before implantation and age at time of surgery.

Talk to your Audiologist and Physician to determine if you or your child is a candidate for a Cochlear Implant. Audiologists at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center can discuss your communication options and help guide you through the process, from identifying hearing loss to providing post-operative speech and audiology therapy.

For more information, contact us online or call us at 614.263.5151.