American Sign Language Classes

Have you always wanted to learn American Sign Language (ASL), learn about Deaf Culture, explore the history of ASL, and gain a unique insight into the Deaf world?

American Sign Language is a language just like any other world language such as French, Spanish, and English. Columbus Speech and Hearing offers four levels of ASL classes in addition to Family and Corporate classes.

These classes feature progressive sign language acquisition and comprehension as well as opportunities to practice signs, interact with other students and with members of the Deaf community. This is not an Interpreter Training Program; however, successful completion of these classes will provide you with a strong, conversational knowledge of American Sign Language. Each class session are two hours long and are held once a week, for eight-weeks. The American Sign Language instructors are fluent signers with strong ties to the Deaf community and Deaf culture. Individual and Corporate classes are available to meet specific needs. Contact us to arrange for Individual or Corporate classes.

The cost of each 8-week session for adults and youth ages 16 and older is $160 per person. Each 8-week classes meet each week from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. either Virtually or In-Person at the Columbus Speech & Hearing’s Clintonville location, 510 E. North Broadway, Columbus, Ohio 43214.

Family ASL classes are offered In-Person only with a minimum of 8 adults in order to have classes and the costs for these classes are $160 for adults and $80 for children.

ASL classes are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to improve their communication abilities with co-workers, family and friends who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. These classes will educate those who may be losing their hearing, those incorporating signs in communicating with their Hearing or Deaf children, and those who simply have an interest in learning American Sign Language.

Available Classes:


This is an introduction level course, introducing students to basic conversational sign language including beginning American Sign Language signs as well as Deaf culture and history. Students are taught the manual alphabet and the basic fundamentals of American Sign Language. Everyone is expected to demonstrate their ability to use non-verbal communication during the class with fellow students as well as with the instructor. This course includes instructions, lectures, hands on group activities, frequent opportunities for practice, discussions, other activities, and is intended for those who do not know, or know very little sign language. Lessons includes basic grammar, signs, fingerspelling, numbers, and cultural information related to the Deaf Community.


This is an intermediate level course for students who have completed ASL 1 or have the equivalent knowledge and understanding of the basic fundamentals of ASL. This course is designed to continue to expand the knowledge and understanding of ASL signs, develop receptive and expressive skills and begin using grammatical features of ASL. Students are expected to increase their fluency and accuracy in fingerspelling, numbers and basic conversational signs. The class continues to examine additional elements of Deaf Culture and History, and includes instructions, lectures, hands on group activities, and activities.

ASL 2 is a continuation of ASL 1. This course is designed to continue development of American Sign Language expressive and receptive skills, grammar, vocabulary, cultural awareness, and related terminology.


This is an advanced level course, intended for those who have completed ASL 1 and ASL 2, developing ASL skills, knowledge and understanding of ASL, Deaf Culture and History. Grammatical concepts and signs are taught, including more complex dialogs as well as storytelling, improving both expressive and receptive skills.

ASL 3 is a continuation of ASL 2. This course is designed to continue development of American Sign Language expressive and receptive skills, grammar, vocabulary, cultural awareness, and related terminology.


Conversational sign allows you to utilize the sign and sentence structures taught in ASL I, II, and III and enable you to think on your feet through small group and class discussions. Students will build on their knowledge of ASL and expand their comfort level through signed conversations. Within the comfort of the classroom, this class offers students the benefit of practicing thinking in terms of ASL rather than English and helps transition students from classroom practice sentences to real-life conversations.

ASL 4 is a continuation of ASL 3. This course is designed to continue development of American Sign Language expressive and receptive skills, grammar, vocabulary, cultural awareness, and related terminology.

Family ASL

Our Family ASL class provides opportunities for families to have fun learning sign language together to improve their communication abilities. Family ASL classes will open the doors of communication with families and increase awareness and knowledge of ASL and Deaf Culture. The class includes instruction and hands on group activities.  This class is designed for families with children ages 5 to 17. If you have Deaf or Hard of Hearing family members, a family member with communication issues or you want to learn sign language together, this class is for you. All children must be accompanied by an adult. (a parent or guardian) The costs for these classes are $160 per adult and $80 per child.

Corporate ASL

Classes are available and typically follow the current ASL curriculum. However, additional industry vocabulary may be included upon request as these classes are customizable based on the organization’s needs. Class costs vary depending on location, number of participants attending, instructors’ availability and other factors.

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