Outreach Services

Corporate Wellness Screenings

The Center provides wellness-hearing screenings for businesses to increase employee awareness of hearing health.

Licensed and certified Audiologists will come to your offices and conduct hearing screenings, educational seminars and hearing evaluations.
*Must have soundproof booth onsite for full hearing evaluations.

Senior Hearing Health Outreach

Educational seminars and hearing screenings are offered through our Senior Hearing Health Outreach Program. Hearing loss affects the health, wellness and quality of life of older adults. More than 1/3 of individuals between the ages of 65 and 74 have a significant hearing impairment. The incidence of hearing loss jumps to 50% in persons age 75 and older. We will come to your facility to educate and screen seniors.

Hear For Life

Hear For Life consists of classroom presentations and workshops to teach young students about the dangers of exposure to loud sounds. The interactive program is designed to change the knowledge, attitudes, and intended behaviors of 3rd-5th graders regarding Noise Induced Hearing Loss prevention through a series of short presentations and hands-on activities.

Contact us at 614.261.5452 or hearing@columbusspeech.org to learn more about the additional programs and services we offer!