Nils Byg - Hearing for the first time

Nils has a severe hearing loss. After spending the first 5 weeks of his life in silence, he is able to hear sounds for the very first time with the help of hearing aids. Watch this video of of Nils as he is fitted with hearing aids and experiences a whole new world of sounds!

Express Yourself

For 10 weeks over the summer a group of 8-15 year old children with Down syndrome gathered at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center to practice their language, articulation and literacy skills. At the end of the summer the kids performed their production for family and friends to showcase their skills.

Parkinson’s Group

Living with any chronic disease is challenging, but learning to live with Parkinson’s Disease can be especially difficult because it affects everyday activities like walking, talking and eating. The Parkinson’s Group at Columbus Speech & Hearing Center helps people with PD to improve their speech and communication skills.