Making a Difference for 100 Years!

We want to take a moment to thank our spectacular patients, providers and staff who have helped make our journey possible. For nearly 100 years, we’ve helped people tackle communication challenges through all stages of their life and have become the recognized leader in successful, personized patient care and attention.

Our practice began in 1923 as the League for the Hard of Hearing, which then shaped into the excellent programs and services now offered at Columbus Speech & Hearing. To this day we continue to help raise awareness on communication challenges facing those in the Columbus and surrounding communities.

Celebrate With Us!

Columbus Speech & Hearing is turning 100! Submit your CSH story and you can be part of our hundred stories for 100 years!

Stories from 100 Years

a black and white chick-a-dee sitting on a brown branch
Two Caucasian women sitting, the one on the left has long brown hair and glasses, the woman on the right is wearing a white vest over a blue shirt
A man in a suit laughing

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